A bustling metropolis, thousands of miles away; and me, 25 years younger :). I worked as a fresh, new lab technician at a local hospital. Right across, on the inside lane, was another hospital, under the same ‘State’ management.

Almost each day, as i walked on that winding pathway to my unit, i would cross paths with a Dr. ‘S’ (name with-held); who later would become one of the top three pediatricians in the country. Over time, we would greet each other and within myself, i would muse – He is such a calm and serene looking gentleman. 

One wintry morning, i learned that the other hospital across the street, needed a new hand and that i was being transferred across. The news almost sent shivers of angst down my entire being. That unit had a notorious reputation of abuse, drinking, in-fighting, corruption and all else in between. How could i, a simple small-town lassie deal with such egotists! But transferred i was and it was ‘hell’ on earth, to say the least. Almost a year, that seemed like ten, passed by. THEN, there was talk and action – the unit was to be shut down! Hurrah!!!! Management strictly told us to be present at 9.00 a.m. on a said date. New transfers were to be assigned. As fate would have it, the previous night, my (baby) nephew passed away in my house. I could not make it to the meeting. I was admonished and threatened; and along with a very elder colleague, was left behind with no decision on direction. I was also at risk of being let go. But the Guru had orchestrated the plan! The same week, Dr. ‘S’ (referenced above), came over to advise that he was starting a new pediatric centre and would need a sincere and hard-working assistant. They recommended the elder colleague; but Dr. ‘S’ stated he needed someone who would stay for the long-term and grow with the new establishment. He directly asked for me!

And so it began … once at work with him, i would often read content by some Spiritual authors; and he, would review Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings. Soon, he was discussing such topics and suggested i read the ‘Autobiography of a Yogi.’

Me – i was hooked! The first two days, i could almost not put it down; and he noticed! I seemed to recall aspects from the past; like in a daze. From then on, my entire life changed. Dr. ‘S’ and I shared a very close bond as colleagues for 20 years, before he retired. I stayed as his assistant and we both took Kriya, were regulars at the local centre and my blessings of having been directed towards Guruji and also of having an incredible work-temple like environment, where i worked and also studied the lessons, books, etc., was unimaginable. Paramahansa Yogananda had meticulously worked out the pathways for me to walk on this path. Reading the book, only solidified lessons from the past. My gratitude is eternal.

… K S …