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‘Convocation 2023’ – a blessed week-long event – live-streamed at our Vancouver chapel, has now ended.

SRF’s annual convocations offer us the innate privilege to usher in manifold spiritual blessings and gifts. In 2023, alongside our live-stream of major programmes, the Vancouver chapel was graced by the in-person presence in its midst, of Sr. Premamayee and Sr. Chetana – both of who exuded a unique charm, warmth, and divine magnanimity.

In 1950, at the first Convocation, Paramahansa Yogananda declared that participants in this special event “shall come from all parts of the world; thousands and thousands of them ….”
In 2023, this found fruition, more than ever before!

Soul memories encapsulating snippets of the joie-de-vivre, the love, the spirit of service, as well as the worldwide impact of this event, can be re-lived here.

The curtain was drawn, but a new dawn of inner awakening has been stirred. Blessed were the many who selflessly served to make this experience a resounding success. Our hearts bow in gratitude to the nuns and the monks – for their empathy, endless smiles and boundless wisdom – all exuded in meaningful anecdotes, patient guidance, and empowered meditations.

2023 Schedule – now ended