Millions around the world have been touched by the marvel and mystique of this wonderful book. Countless have experienced intense turnarounds through its subtle spiritual divinity.
Yogananda averred, it will be an exposition that will transform a sea of souls.

Were you one of the fortunate ones to have been stirred by its limitless wisdom? What experience guided you to this book? What stirred the silent call within? Many are the amazing stories about how this book came into people’s lives!

For the benefit of the many … to inspire … and to serve the work of the noble Soul … born as Yogananda … would you like to share your story? (Anonymously)!
We encourage you to :-)

All submissions, once reviewed, will be uploaded – devoid of any personal identifying factors; and will also be moderately edited for succinctness and pertinence.

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Divine interventions …

In 1977 I returned home to my parents at the age of 30; feeling like a total failure. In 1978 I met a woman who was a TM meditator and she urged me to start meditating; which I did. I was then lent 'Autobiography of a Yogi' by a different TM meditator to whom it had been lent by a TM teacher. When I reached the chapter on Master Mahashaya, the following words of Master hit me [...]

In-flight Intrigue …

Boarding the plane to Bangalore, I had no idea this would change my life ... I was seated next to a woman from Victoria, BC. Our conversation soon turned to spirituality. For years I had been reading about different religions, attending various churches and meditation retreats in India and searching for answers to my life’s purpose. My seat-mate soon brought out her copy of 'Autobiography of a Yogi' and the cover intrigued me. I had [...]

He who knows; only He knows …

A bustling metropolis, thousands of miles away; and me, 25 years younger :). I worked as a fresh, new lab technician at a local hospital. Right across, on the inside lane, was another hospital, under the same ‘State’ management. Almost each day, as i walked on that winding pathway to my unit, i would cross paths with a Dr. ‘S’ (name with-held); who later would become one of the top three pediatricians in the country. [...]

Subtle Premonitions …

It was the mid-90s ... the clouds had still not turned ominous to indicate the twists in life's road ahead. I was back home from Israel ... on what culminated as an innately warm and happy holiday. Packing my bags for the return (to Israel) ... a few days before departure, I nonchalantly ... unconsciously ... reached out for the Autobiography of a Yogi ... looked at it, and placed it in the suitcase. Nary [...]